About Us

Meaning of Sungh

Sungh, or Sungathan means a community. We hope to foster a community between artisans and crafters, and a connection between them and their consumers.

How this started

I love traveling, around this world, and wherever I go I try and collect some artistry of the region. To me that has a more connected and meaningful relationship with my experience in a new place as opposed to the kitschy tourist souvenirs. In doing so I have gotten to meet local artists, see and learn about their work, and understand their connection to the beauty that they’ve made. I’ve also gotten to connect with organizations that work with artisans to help foster ideas and entrepreneurship, and to help revive old art forms. 

The whole space of handmade, tactile, and at times purposeful items is an interesting endeavor around the world. Many times its a mixture of the modern aesthetic with a traditional technique. Bringing the old to the new. Sometimes it’s a complete return to the old ways; textile block printing by hand, hand carving wooden lattices, rammed earth walls and structures. And still sometimes it’s understanding the importance of the less mechanical ways of creating to ensure that quality and artistry don’t suffer. 

I started Sungh because I hope to be able to share the beauty that I’ve seen all over the world. I also want to be able to foster more dialogues and collaborations with artisans and crafters around the world so that these traditional ways don’t die.

​I hope you will learn more about the items I have and the artisans I work with so that you too will have a more lasting connection with the crafts that you own, and so that you can bring some lasting beauty into your life 🙂


Let’s build something together.

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