Printing in the negative

Batik is a dyeing process that can be found all over Asia and Africa. An early form of crafting that helps bring art and design to everyday textiles. 
The process is what is called resist dyeing, the design is in the negative. Many times there is are several dyeing cycles. The first, a lighter shade, would be the what the artisan wants the design to be in. After that dye cycle a design is blocked or drawn on to the fabric in wax. The beauty of using wax is that it cracks as it drys, and you get these thin veins of color. Once the wax is dry the cloth is then dyed again, in the darker color. The color that the artisan wants to be the negative space. 
This cloth has many uses, from home furnishing to clothing. Its the perfect splash of design to accent any style. Check out our full Batik Collection, with batik printing from Ghana to Western India

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