Reviving an Heirloom Cotton

Ramesh showing off one of his latest designs

Kala cotton in an organic heirloom cotton from Kutch, Gujarat; a western state of India. The region is very arid, almost desert like for most of the year. Because of that many of the agricultural resources there are drought resistant, from the world renowned water buffalo to the Kala Cotton. 
Kala cotton is also known as old world cotton, with strains of the fiber found in Mohenjodaro, the ancient civilization from the Indus Valley. 
It’s a pretty sturdy and durable fiber that softens the more you use it.
A pivotal organization from Kutch, Khamir,  are the modern day proponents of the textile. Helping farmers to begin growing the cotton, and building a market with local weavers to ensure stability. This is a cloth that is wholly produced in the region, from the growing of the fibers, to the spinning of the thread, to the dying, and looming of the fabric. Almost always dyed in vegetable dyes, and built to last it is the perfect addition to any style and wardrobe. Check out our Kala Cotton Collection.

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